Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Moscow - 1 night stay at Element Hotel

Duration of stay: 23rd till 24th October 2015

Hotels in Russia is very much cheaper than any hotel in European cities. 2 nights in Russian city is equivalent to 1 night accommodation in a Scandinavian hotel. I have much admiration and respect with Russia, a great nation with plenty of germs for travelers to explore. The Russian royal kingdom has done so much (architecturally) to bring tourism as a new lights to the country, especially now when social media has able to open up a real situation in many parts of the Russian cities to peoples around the world. Being in the 2 cities within 4 days and 3 nights had open up my eyes to come to a conclusion of how save the city is, either you are in a group or solo trip. Without Anis, Malaysian travel-blogger  review about the cities she's been at in her blog Five Feet Flat and great numbers of photo snapped and shared by Wazari Wazir in his blog and Facebook, I would not have any courage to come and witnessed it with my own 2 eyes.

I have mentioned to the sweet and friendly Hotel Element’s receptionists the day we checked out from the hotel that I'm going to recommend their hotel to all. No. 1 reason is none other than due to its strategic location being not far away from Moscow no, 1 attraction, the Red Square. You do not require any public transportation to reach the famous square as you may do so by foot, either at night or daytime. Secondly, the hotel charges is so reasonable that you just want to kiss their cheeks. Thirdly the hotel receptions and staffs are all very extremely helpful and friendly. The room allocated to us is rather small but cozy and we have no complaints at all as we stayed for only 1 night. You may visit their website, Element Hotel Moscow for direct booking.

The staffs has helped us in showing the best route and short cuts way to places that we wishes to visit. They even lent us Rubble 1 thousand when we don't have enough money to pay the cab driver that took us there without difficulties from the train station. In addition to that they have make sure that they called a good cab driver with reasonable charges to send us to the airport on the day we left the city. The longer distance from the hotel to Domodedovo’s airport fared one third of what the first cab we took on our arrival. In overall, they have ensure our comfy stay in a city where people hardly speaks English. Speaking of which, there's no reasons for them to speak English anyway, they are Russian, they should be proud of the nations and the big country that is safe and welcoming to everyone.

There’s a common facilities, i.e. drinking water and ironing that are easily available at the reception area. Take note that the hotel is located at the second floor and without elevators. The receptionist has get their male assistant to bring up our luggage on the day we checked in and the cab driver brought it down on our departure. In a sense, we were so lucky for not worrying about the movement of our heavy luggage. Breakfast is served up until 9.00 am where they bring it up to your room. Take note that the hotel is also offering rooms by hourly period should you wanted to prolong your check-out time. Anyhow, there’s also a safe locker room next to the reception area that you may use should you need some time between your check-out time and a flight schedule time for sightseeing, just like we did.

Our flight to Doha from Domodedovo International Airport was at 7pm. We quickly finished our walks searching for the Metro stations and final walks around the Red Square right at 2pm. We came back to the hotel, get the hotel to call a cab while getting ready to the airport. We made use of the public toilet next to the reception for a quick change. Lucky that I got an idea of removing my thick layers of clothing that I was wearing as it is a bit troublesome to do so at the airport. With a good experience of staying even for only 1 night, I would strongly suggest that you should try to stay here. Great location, about 10 min walk from the Red Square and Metro station is also about 10 minutes’ walk from here. Besides, there’s a lot of cafe and restaurants near the hotel, 24/7 convenience store in just two minutes. They also has a good Wi-Fi signal.

Drinking water, free for all

Luggage area. You may get a reception to open the cabinet for you. 

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