Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Velvet Shoes for distance Traveler


Having a comfortable pair of shoes is very important while on travelling. The comfort is not due to an expensive shoe that you choose to brought along the journey, rather how it fix into your feet and happily carry you around during those long walk. I said that as I had painfully experienced While wearing an expensive TOD’s boot during my trips to Seoul in 2011 and to Europe in 2014. That boot is not meant for those long walk, though I may feel pretty in them… Sigh, reminiscing what my late friend, Maznah used to say about it “beauty is pain babe!”. Today, I found below 3 beautiful catchy look shoes that I would kill to possess. 

When Zalora first introducing me to their collection Velvet Shoes for woman, I am indeed very thrilled to give it a try. For my upcoming trip in Asia’s country, I have been searching for a right shoes to pair with the kind of fashions that I was dreaming to wear in a climatic Asian weather. Anne would surely want me as an object in her photo, whilst I need her in mine. Therefore, I have to make sure that I look pretty and elegant while catching a train from station to station in a comfy shoes. Not only their shoes are attractive in appearance but it is rather cheap and affordable to all. The 3 shoes that I chose will cost me only RM125 at their online shop.

Those men out there who usually freaked out when their women spent too much on shoes, will have less worry with Velvet Shoes. Men need to support women’s love and rights for shoes that can never be denied as it completes their whole outfit. Just recommend Velvet Shoes to your wife and girlfriend. The ladies who are a shoe-paholic can now feast their eyes on Velvet shoe brand as the brand offers stunning up-to-date designs of high heels, boots, flats and ballerinas to suit each individual’s fashion taste.

Boots are seen by women a bit had to pull off but no worries as you can match Velvet boots with a pair of jeans as being fashioned by a lady in below photo. This look will definitely work well for the ladies who want to show off a more aggressive and edgy character. Wear this outfit on a casual day out to town with your girlfriends and have fun catching up. It is best to feel comfortable and look stylish even during the weekends.

In addition, hijabistas and fashionistas can mix match their Velvet shoes with any outfit they have. One way women can style their Velvet high heels is to match them with a maxi dress to create that princess like appearance. Women can style this type of look to dinner parties looking stunning as ever in front of others. Somehow the maxi dress+high heels look portrays a more delicate and soft side out of you. As for me, I would match my 2nd choice of Madison Squre Studded Sandal with long cotton dress and Zoe Fabric Knitted Loafers with jeans.

However, if you are a type who prefers to wear comfortable flats, Velvet ballerina shoes or slips on will be the perfect choice. Match it with anything you have from long blouses, t-shirts and even long skirts without looking out of style. Walk leisurely in Velvet flat shoes and feel super confident every step you make. I believe my 3 choices would do justice to my appearance for my next 10 days traveling in Asia region.

Choose from the massive amount of shoe designs from Velvet collection and add them into your shoe closet at home. Wondering where to get Velvet shoes for women? Check out ZALORA website as it offers Velvet online shoes at a very reasonable price. It is also worth to look for other outfits in their online shop, to mix match those lovely shoes at undeniably cheap price. In other words, you don't have to spend a lot to look pretty, just visit ZALORA and check it out.

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