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Train Rides 2014 - Bosphor Express Train via TCCD Couchette to Bucharest city

Date 8th April 2014

My sister and I with the Turkish conductor of TCCD couchette no. 1 on arrival in Bucharest De Nord

The Bosphorus Express, also known as the Trans Balkan Express, is an international passenger train running between Istanbul, Turkey and Bucharest, Romania. It runs together with the Balkans Express until Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, where the later continues to Belgrade, Serbia. The train is jointly operated by 3 national railways; the Turkish State Railways, the Bulgarian State Railways, and the Romanian State Railways. The train serves important cities like Istanbul, Edirne, Russe and Bucharest. The Bosphorus Express started their services in 1971 and still running up until today.

Beautiful Canola field

For those who wishes to know more details about the train, it's schedules and fares, may do so by checking the Turkish State Railway website, shared herewith, "". The Turkish conductor who accompanied us all the way from Sirkeci till Bucharest has provided the security needed for all 4 women traveler from Asia (a.k.a WE).

We've seen almost similar view in Bulgaria and Romania country sights. Mostly the 2 countries had a beautiful canola field along the train tracks. Right after Veliko Tarnovo station, a Bulgaria's ancient capital, and a city of Gorna Oryahovitsa, we arrived in Ruse. Thereafter, the train was crossing the wide brown Danube into Romania on Europe's longest steel bridge, 2.5km long, as seen in below photo.

Steel Bridge crossing Danube river in Romania

We stopped quite a while allowing for immigration control points to do their works whilst a diesel locomotive once again takes over the train engine. After it crosses the Danube (via the Danube Bridge) the train entered into the Romanian town of Giurgiu, stopping at the Giurgiu Nord Railway Station for another passport stamped. Then it continues north to Bucharest. After winding its way around the city, the train enters Bucharest from the northwest into Gara de Nord station.

at Giurgiu Nord Railway Station

1 of the small station that attracted my Nikon

From Bulgarian/Romanian border, Russe, we passed through another few more stations, i.e. Giurgiu where the Romanian imigration officer who speak well verse English asked to check and stamped our passport. After Giurgiu, we travelled about 39km to arrive Videle station and another 31km to safely arrived in Bucharest. The whole journey from Istanbul to Bucharest was 19 hours altogether, covering a distance of 831km. 

Total distance that we have covered in Romania soil on 8th April 2014 was only 127 km as clearly shown on the below map from Ruse to Bucharest De Nord.

I will continue with the Train Rides from Bucharest to Budapest after a full record of all places of interest that we planned in Bucharest city. You may be able to pick-up our route and may wish to follow places that we went during our 1 night and 2 days stay in Bucharest.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Peace to all. 

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