Friday, April 4, 2014

Flight to Doha

Group Photo
We checked in quite early as we did it within 36 hours allowable time through online check-in on Thursday mirning. With the boarding passes safe in hand, I left house a bit late than others, i.e. at 2250hrs. My sisters and her entourage left at 2000 hours, whilst Anne took a cab from her house at 2030hours. When I reached the airport they were waiting for me to drop in our luggage. 

Entourage at Secrete Recipe KLIA
While waiting for the counter to open, we had drink at Secret Recipe, a large group of us. At 1am the counter was opened. After we have done with the ticketing counter we lingered a while at Secret Recipe. Thereafter we proceeded to the gate, had our farewell and headed to the imigration check point, took train to gate 15 and rest a while. The boarding gate was open sharp at 2.30am. I'm writing this while queue to get in.

I wish to share some photos when I still had a full internet access. The security checked was very thorough arising recent incident of MH370. I shall stop for now. Hope to blog again soon. Bye ✈️

I know, I need to work out my tummy :( with hubby and nazhif

Close to 1am in the morning

Qatar Airways stewardess

Tight security checks
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