Sunday, April 20, 2014

8 bracelets from the 8 cities

I'm still drowsing from a jet lag as we were just landed this morning from our 16 days travel. Had a quick nap of almost 3 hours but still feeling drowsy. Before I go back to bed, I was thinking to share in this entry a bracelet that I collected from all 8 cities that we have covered in the second leg of the "Train Rides". This is merely a teaser. Once I have some times left between works, studies and mother/wife duties, I will write more in details each part of the 8 cities and 8 countries covered in a long trip from 4th till 19th April 2014. I promise.

From Istanbul city (Turkey)

From Bucharest city (Romania)

From Budapest city (Hungary)

From Vienna city (Austria)

From Salzburg city (Austria)

From Munich city (Germany)

From London city (UK)

From the city of loves & lights, Paris
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