Friday, July 28, 2017

The Blue House

Date: 3rd July 2017

We officially moves in to the new residence 2 days before Eidhul Fitri 1438 celebration. It was on Friday, 23rd June 2017, I shifted only myself while the workers were still busied touching up on a lot of unfinished taks, for example fixing the toilet key door knobs. That night, only hubby and I decided to put on a night with a mixed feeling and blank situation, unsure whether or not we should be proceeding with our intention to permanently stay.  It was the last day of fasting and at breakfast there's only 1 piece of KFC fried chicken and a hot-dog bun for us to eat. Hubby chose a fried chicken whilst I had the bun to survive the last day of fasting. We both look at each other and nodded in agreement that we will not be celebrating eid this year. But the Almighty has helped in a lot. He made it certain.

The photo that was uploaded by my brother in his Facebook

I texted my sister informing that I will let her know whether the eid plan were to proceed as originally intended or not. An hour later, I called hesitatingly telling her that she may want to see the house condition as I do not feel confidence that we could celebrate eid in this situation. She was about to leave to the wet market buying all ingrediats to cook at that time. So, she said she will drop by after that and later we could discuss about it. While waiting for her, hubby and I unproductively started to continue un-boxing, packing and tidy up whatever we can. There's not much to do in the absence of motivation.

My sister's family, slept over on 2nd night

Only the carpenter came to fix the unfinished task where he left at the living room a night before. So, when my sister and her husband arrived, we instantly knew that rescuers has arrived. We could celebrate the first eid in this blue house together. Truthfully, I'm so grateful for her existence in my life since the day she was born until today. She never left me alone. She was the one who will always be by my side at my sunny and rainy days. That's what the families are about. 2 families, including our 3 childrens were reunited for the last break fast and occupied the house for the second night of our move-in.

Family on hubby side who slept over on the third night

On Syahirah's Facebook 

On eid, all of my siblings who lives nearby and my husband siblings including father in law came for eid visiting. The rest of family on hubby side put on a sleep on the third night. The house is continuing lively till present date. A lot of people came by thereafter, mostly to see the house. Though I haven't shared any photos on my social media, they cant resist to sharing them on their page. A lot more people came to know about it and later visited. At times, I felt like the house now becoming a clown in itself. Am I being ungrateful for saying that? Yes I am.. No I am not as I have personal reasons for saying it out loud, which makes me so uncomfortable with.

Another side of the house.. girls only allowed :)

Nevertheless, hubby and I are feeling so bless and bliss for being able to put 1 big problem off shoulders. We move on to the next chapter of our life. I'm going to share that in this blog in 2 months time. Before I move on, I must share the reason why it was painted blue. We were at IKEA Damansara looking for furniture 1 fine day in the month of April. I had hubby photo sat on the couch as I originally want a pastel blue paint at my laundry to show him. Later, he saw that blue as very soothing and started looking at ICI computer color to match the colors of the blue sky and the white clouds. Hence the blue house that suited any kind of mood that the sky and the clouds are feeling! The last 2 photos of the house and 2 persons who designed and built them.

My first OOTD on 15th July at this favorite main door where everyone has used as their selfie spot :)

It's really a long time since my last post. Time is becoming precious nowadays when there's so much thing to do at work and at home. But I hope I will not neglect this precious blog of mine.

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