Monday, December 12, 2016

Langkawi - 3D Museum

Date of visit: 24th January 2016

Three of us, hubby, Nasrul and I were visiting the 3D museum on our last day in Langkawi, i.e. on 24th of January 2016. Hubby chose to tag along as he did not make it through to the final tennis matches. We drove towards the Oriental Village right after breakfast and made a few stopped at other places too. We thought that we could make it in time for our late evening flight. By the time we reached there, we decided to split due to time constraint and the fact that we haven’t collected our bag from the hotel. The rest opted to take a cable car to have a closer view of the glass sky deck. I had ride the cable car few years ago (in year 2010 if I’m not mistaken while on 2 days training in Langkawi with IJMer’s). Since Nasrul is studying in Graphic Design, we thought it would be best if we could accompanied him explored all beautiful arts inside the 3D museum.

Langkawi 3D Art Museum’s operation hours is from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm. The best suitable time to spend inside would be about 2 hours. It is located adjacent to the other 2 attractions, Sky Bridge and Sky Trex bearing an address of Oriental Village, Burau Bay, 07000 Langkawi. They can be reach at +(6) 013 509 1209 and/or send an email to to purchase an online tickets. Do not worry about foods and shopping as the village provides everything what the tourist need. You are most welcome to experience local foods and local souvenirs items as momentous.

The museum was custom built to exhibit the artworks of various sizes beyond our imagination. It is said to represents the largest 3D Art Museum in Malaysia and one of the largest in the world. All of the displayed artworks exhibited are artistically hand painted by 23 leading Korean Master Artists with an average age of 60 years old and the last of their generation, in collaboration with Malaysian local artists. These incredible artworks are presented in three dimensioned (3D) ways, offering all visitors a fun way to interact and blend in the artworks. We, Malaysian must thanked the Korean artist who has ensured success to our 3D museum. 

The Museum project was completed in record time of five months and houses various zones for the tourist to enjoy such as the Aquatic, Safari, Classic, Fantasy and Malaysian zones with more than 100 beautifully created artworks including famous masterpieces that combines fun, culture, education and history.

It is located at the Oriental Village (also known as Langkawi Art in Paradise). The Langkawi 3D Art Museum has become one of the most popular attractions in Langkawi. As the queue to purchase tickets could get long during weekends and school holidays, it is advisable to buy entrance tickets online. It was not so crowded on the day of our visit, so we got in without difficulties and troubles with that long queue.

For information, the ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase as it was an open ticket. It is valid to be redeemed anytime including school and public holidays. Child tickets are for those from aged 2 till 12 years old whilst adult tickets are for those above 12 years old. For avoidance of doubt, admission is free to below 2 years old.

For those who had purchased a ticket through online, you are not required to print the ticket. What you are required to do is to present the QR code which will be emailed to the purchaser upon payment. Just use your phone with a save QR code to enter. Else, ticket can be redeem at 3D Art in Paradise counter, a dedicated online counter. As for Malaysian, just present your MyKad (Malaysian identity) to purchase and/or redeem your tickets at the redemption counter. Should you have any change of plans and require for any cancellation, you may made necessary arrangement by an email to

Hope you may have some ideas of what was inside the 3D museum from the photos of my family that I shared in this entry. Thank you.
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