Saturday, February 21, 2015

A view from and inside the Train to Arayanprathet

Journey date: 26th December 2014

It was our first experience traveling on a train without air-conditioning. Train 275 from Bangkok to Aryanprathet are 3rd-class, which means no air-conditioning and windows are open allowing a substantial cool breeze. Take note that there's ceiling fan beside toilets and sinks. Seats are a mixture of padded benches, padded bucket seats, and wooden benches. If you are taking the afternoon train try to sit on the shady (north) side of the train. The morning sun isn't so bad and doesn't so greatly affect the early departures, but it's still cooler in the north side. Plus, power lines are on the south side, so the view is better as well. 

This local train has given us a great opportunity to watch peoples, beautiful countryside and a wildlife, if you are lucky. During the dry season, smoke and ash can blow through the windows from the burning rice fields. What I like most was the feeling that everybody are equal in that situation. Everyone paid the same fare despite whether you are locals or foreign. The feeling of equality is what I hold strong to my heart as Allah has never differentiate any human being. He is never being judgmental in any ways, always given us a chance to cleanse our self. Another important thing is that I see people as beautiful, no matter what color their skins are. All religion teach us to be kind, hence, there should not be any bad thought or ill feeling when you look into a stranger eyes do "SMILE" despite that they are Buddhist, Jewish, Hindus, Christians, Jains etc as we are all worship God, believe in life hereinafter. 

This entry are to share the sceneries from inside and out as captured by Anne and I in between our moments of silence. I spent most of those 4 hours reading, taking a nap and reflects. Rest of the time Anne and I talked all stuffs about our life, our dreams and our plans for train travels. Please enjoy the photos that we took from our seat.

A local boy played hide and seek when he saw me focusing on him

The man in green shirt was pushing his trolley food up and down at 1 of the station

Local's morning life, a stop at a Railway crossing, a biker with and without helmet

Burned rice field getting ready for the next farming 

Local wooden house by the rice field

Station master?

Our coach were filled with foreigners who were heading towards the same destination with our, crossing Cambodian borders at Poipet to Siem Reap

Train 276 from Aryanprathet to Bangkok on opposite track

Priceless, another coach full the Thai's

Timber sleeper under replacement with concrete sleeper

Sleepers replacement works in progress

Concrete sleeper stock yard area

Out of boredom, showing of my feet to annoy her

Love is sharing and charing for the same pet

Hot and cold

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