Friday, May 2, 2014

Farewell lunch with my brother

Date: 2nd May 2014

2 days ago I went to see my brother in his new residence, officially shifted 6 months ago. It was a PKR30 lakhs newly built penthouse on top of his existing owned 5 story shop lots seated along University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 1 of my must visit place whenever I arrived in Karachi was visiting him in his office. This trip was even remarkable as his home is just 10 ft away from his office. 

Happy 70 year old brother of mine
We had dinner at his large dining hall. The dinner was after he showed off every corner of his penthouse. It was too bad that I left my phone at the office that night as the city night view with a night breeze was priceless. Being an MEP Engineer, this guy knows better how to position the doors and windows at an appropriate places. 

Large dining room attached to the cosy kitchen
What surprised me most was his choice of interior house design. Everything came in light lavenders color or rather mild purple. The purple inspired color was up till to the bathroom accessories. He brought along all his furnitures and old photos from his former residence for the new penthouse. Though he has sold his old bungalow plot on top of the hill but the house memory were all shifted in. It was a bless as everything kept him at peace, made him a very happy man.

The lounge next to the dining hall

The family photos part 1
I had my opportunity to record my visit again today when we agreed to meet for lunch as yesterday's dinner had to be cancelled due to strike declared by MQM's party arising from 4 killings of their people with 2 still missing late yesterday afternoon. The road was very empty today as majority of schools, offices, banks and shops including petrol station were closed. We were worried if things are not back to normal as the petrol will run out and how can I go to the airport tomorrow if the petrol station decided to prolong their strikes.

All the photos was taken today right before lunch. A special fish was cooked to celebrate a special day. 2 of his staff and 1 government officer joined us for lunch. It was so much jokes and laughter, happiness spreading on the table when the lunch ended with rice pudding and hot masalla tea.

His TV corner

His study cum working place in the same TV area

Back to his office floor, I told him nicely that this would be my last visit to Karachi. Though I have made efforts dropping by to see him whenever I was in town, I will no longer be coming back to check him out. We both started to get emotional but I told him that he will be always in my prayer and good thoughts as we are brother and sister. We recalled those happy moments from the first time he visited me in my office in 2007 till present day.

Last reception area

View from the top garden
I left him my number so that he can contact me anytime he wants or in any case of emergency. This man, my brother has left a special spot in my heart for whatever reasons that was existed arising from business dealing. We used to fought a lot when I cut his fees but he never kept too long in his heart. He is a good man, a man that I most respected.

He can see his new apartment from the balcony

Another side of the city view
We shed tears when we bid our farewell. I hugged him tightly and whispered to his secretary to take care of Mr Kazmi in a moist and sad voices. Only Allah knows whether we shall be seeing each other again. But, in case we are not, I am saying my peace by saying my farewell to him in person. Till then brother, adios to you.

My favorite home made capati with fish cooked in yoghurt

View from dining balcony
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